Welcome to Waggy Tail Designs, on this site you will find a collection of quality hand made goods that celebrate everything we love about our four legged friends & the lives we share with them.

Our range of products include clothing, jewellery & accessories all of which have a doggie element to them.

Waggy Tail Designs grew from one dog, ‘Marley’. This special German Shepherd entered my life & changed it forever. I suffer from a pain condition that at times can be crippling, Marley gave me a reason to get up in the mornings & never fails to make me smile, even on the hardest of days.

I made myself a sterling silver pendant of Marley which I wear with pride….. & this was where Waggy Tail Designs began. This one pendant got so much attention from friends & strangers alike that I decided to make some more & have a go at trying different breeds. These were also a hit so I progressed to other products.

The service provided here at WTD is very personal, each product is created by hand which means we can make many changes that would limit machine made products. We can provide items of clothing & jewellery that depict your very own dog not just a representation of the breed or type your dog is.

Enjoy browsing our products